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Head of department: Prof. Yuri Pines 
Mrs. Kinneret Levy 

Room: 4501
Phone: 02-5883648
Fax: 02-5880326
Office Hours:
Sunday, 11:00-14:00
Monday-Thursday, 10:00-13:00


Ben-Ami Shilony

Prof (Emeritus) Ben-Ami Shilony

Department of Asian Studies

Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony is Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and honorary president of the Israeli Association of Japanese Studies.

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After receiving his Master degree in history from the Hebrew University in 1965, he studied Japanese language in Tokyo, and received his Ph.D. degree from Princeton University in 1971. Since then he taught Japanese history and culture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem until his retirement in 2006. He also taught, lectured and did research at the universities of Harvard, Berkeley, Tokyo, Oxford, Cambridge, and Colorado. In 2000 the Japanese emperor bestowed on him the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star. In 2013, his book The Secret of Japan's Strength (the Japanese version of his Hebrew book Yapan bemabat ishi) was awarded the prize of the best book promoting international cultural understanding in Japan. His main books are Revolt in Japan (Princeton University Press, 1973), Politics and Culture in Wartime Japan (Clarendon Press, 1981. Paperback edition Oxford University Press, 1991), Yapan hamesoratit: tarbut ve-historia (Schocken Publishing House, 1995. Revised and expanded edition, 2001), Yapan hamodernit: tarbut ve-historia (Schocken Publishing House, 1997.), The Jews and the Japanese, (Charles E. Tuttle, 1992), Collected Writings of Ben-Ami Shillony (Japan Library, Curzon Press, 2000) Enigma of the Emperors: Sacred Subservience in Japanese History (Global Oriental, 2005). ed., The Emperors of Modern Japan (Brill, 2008), Yapan bemabat ishi (Tel Aviv: Schocken Publishing House, 2011), ed., Critical Readings on the Emperors of Japan (Leiden: Brill, 2012).

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David Shulman

Prof. David Shulman

Department of Asian Studies

Prof. David Shulman's research interest are Indian poetics, live Sanskrit theater, the Renascence in South India in the 16-17 centuries and the Islam in south India and the Carnatic classic music.

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ilingual in Hebrew and English, he has mastered Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, and reads Greek, Russian, French, German, Persian, Arabic and Malayalam. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 books on various subjects ranging from temple myths and temple poems to essays that cover the wide spectrum of the cultural history of South India. Prof. Shulman is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

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Dr. Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Katzeff Silberstein received his PhD in History from the University of Pennsylvania in 2021. His research primarily focuses on social history and everyday life in North Korea. He is also a non-resident fellow with the Stimson Center and 38 North where he researches the society and economy of North Korea. He has previously worked as a journalist and as an advisor to the Swedish government, and frequently publishes and comments on East Asian affairs.