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Undergraduate Studies

The goal of the department is to introduce to our students general knowledge about the culture, history, language, society, politics and various other aspects of East and South Asian countries: China, Japan, Korea, India, Mongolia, and Indonesia. Special emphasis is given to the problems and issues that are associated with the development of China, Japan, and Korea in the modern era (since the 19th century to this day), the studying of the Chinese, Japanese, Korea, and Indian languages, as well as of cross-regional connections across East, South, and Southeast Asia.


BA studies at the department are offered in 7 majors:

  1. China - studies include Chinese language, culture, history, society, politics and other aspects of China.
  2. Japan - studies include Japanese language, culture, history, society, politics and other aspects of Japan.
  3. Korea - studies include Korean language, culture, history, society, politics and other aspects of Korea.
  4. India and Southeast Asian studies include language, culture, history, literature and the religions of India and Southeast Asia.
  5. Contemporary Asia - studies include history, society and politics of contemporary Asian countries.
  6. Asian Cultures – studies focus on the pre-modern and modern cultures of East and South Asia.
  7. Business in Asia – a joint program with Business administration where students focus on the study of contemporary Asian economies including their languages.

Students will chose one of the above majors in their first year of studies. Students who are exempted from language studies (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, one of the Indian languages), will have to take selective courses amounting to half of the points they were exempted from.