Indian and Indonesia Studies


Prof. Ronit Ricci

On sabbatical until October 2022

Prof. Ronit Ricci's research interests include Indonesian history and culture, Javanese and Malay manuscript literatures, Translation Studies, Islamic literary traditions in South and Southeast Asia, and exile and diaspora in colonial Asia.

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She has published articles and essays on these topics. Her book, Islam Translated: Literature, Conversion, and the Arabic Cosmopolis of South and Southeast Asia, won the 2012 Harry Benda Prize in Southeast Asian Studies and the 2013 American Academy of Religion's Best First Book in the History of Religions Award. Her current project is a study of the literary history of the Sri Lankan Malays

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Prof. (Emerita) Yael Bentor

Departments of Asian Studies and Comparative Religion

Yael Bentor is a scholar of Indian and Tibetan Studies, specializing in tantric Buddhism.


Prof. Yigal Bronner

Associate Professor - Department of Asian Studies

Yigal Bronner is an Associate Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Sanskrit poetry and poetics.


Dr. Rotem Geva

Head of India & Indonesia Section
Graduate Program Advisor - India & Indonesia Section
Office hours: By Appointment Room 6120



Dr. Arif Maftuhin

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Maftuhin is an associate professor in Islamic Law at the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga, Indonesia. Currently he is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Asian Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and collaborates with Prof. Ronit Ricci in the ERC-funded project, "Textual Microcosms: A New Approach in Translation Studies." He will work mainly on the literature of "kitab makna gandhul,"  a massive Javanese translation of Islamic Arabic books popularly used in the Islamic education system in Java, Indonesia.

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He is an interdisciplinary academic, working on various issues in Islamic law, political Islam, and disability studies. His work includes the translation of Arabic books into Indonesian, books on Islam and disability, papers in academic journals, and popular articles for Indonesian national newspapers and magazines. 

Dr. Maftuhin is also an activist working on the rights of persons with disabilities in Indonesia. Since 2010 he has been helping people with disabilities to get their educational rights and open access to higher education. He was Head of the Center for Services for Persons with Disabilities (2013-2020).  He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of INKLUSI: Journal of Disability Studies.

For more detailed information about his works, check his blog at


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David Shulman

Prof. David Shulman

Department of Asian Studies

Prof. David Shulman's research interest are Indian poetics, live Sanskrit theater, the Renascence in South India in the 16-17 centuries and the Islam in south India and the Carnatic classic music.

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ilingual in Hebrew and English, he has mastered Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, and reads Greek, Russian, French, German, Persian, Arabic and Malayalam. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 books on various subjects ranging from temple myths and temple poems to essays that cover the wide spectrum of the cultural history of South India. Prof. Shulman is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

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