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Children in China
Naftali, Orna. 2016. Children in China. Polity Press.Abstract

Chinese childhood is undergoing a major transformation. This book explores how

government policies introduced in China over the last few decades and processes of social

and economic change are reshaping the lives of children and the meanings of childhood in

complex, contradictory ways. Drawing on a broad range of literature and original

ethnographic research, Naftali explores the rise of new ideas of child-care, child-vulnerability

and child-agency; the impact of the One-Child Policy; and the emergence of children as

independent consumers in the new market economy. She shows that Chinese boys and

increasingly girls, too are enjoying a new empowerment, a development that has met with

ambiguity and resistance from both caregivers and the state. She also demonstrates how

economic restructuring and the recent waves of rural/urban migration have produced

starkly unequal conditions for children’s education and development both in the countryside

and in the cities. Children in China is essential reading for students and scholars seeking a

deeper understanding of what it means to be a child in contemporary China, as well as for

those concerned with the changing relationship between children, the state and the family

in the global era.