Dr. Dror Kochan

Department of Asian Studies, Chinese Studies
Office Hours: Monday, by appointment

A lecturer in the Department of Asian Studies and the Department of Geography and coordinator of the joint program for Asian Studies and the School of Business Administration. Dror's research deals with political, economic and social processes in contemporary China and focuses on internal migration from the village to the city, urban changes and urban planning, and the transformation of urban public spaces in contemporary China. His most recent publications include:


Kochan D. (2018) "The Prospects and Challenges of Socially Engaged Urban Planning and Architecture in Contemporary China", Journal of Planning Education and Researchhttps://doi.org/10.1177/0739456X18796635

Kochan D. (2016) “Home is where I lay down my hat? The Complexities and Functions of Home for Rural-to-Urban Migrants in Contemporary China”, Geoforum 71(1):21-32

Kochan, D. (2016) “(Re)placing Migrants’ Mobility: A Multi-method Approach to Integrating Space and Mobility in the Study of Migration”, Migration Studies. 4 (2): 215-237.

Kochan, D. (2015) “Placing the Urban Village: A Spatial Perspective on the Development Process of Urban Villages in Contemporary China”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 39(5): 927–947