Dr. Orna Naftali

Chair of the Department of Asian Studies

Research interests: Anthropology of modern and contemporary China, with a focus on children, youth, and education; women, gender, and the family; science and subjectivity; national identity, militarism, and the nation-state; globalization and the rise of the new middle classes in contemporary China.

Gal Gavili

Since Gal Gvili was awarded the Polonsky Fellowship, she has continued for her Masters at the East Asian Studies Department at Hebrew University, from where …


Prof (Emeritus). Ehud Harari

Department of Asian Studies
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley. Awardee of an Imperial Decoration of the Order of the Rising Sun. Honorary President, the Israel Association of Japanese Studies (2015-2018)

Professor Ehud Harari is Emeritus in the Departments of East Asian Studies and Political Science, The Hebrew University. A political scientist (Ph.D.