Asian Department Seminar Series Spring 2021

Department of Asian Studies, The Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies and Confucius Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem are honored to invite you to the department seminar series.

Our schedule for the spring semester of 2021:
April 7, 16:30 - Richard Hardiman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): The Greenness of Chinese Banks.
Discussant: Tamar Groswald Ozery, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 


May 3, 16:45 - Betty Susiarjo (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): joint seminar with the Department of Art History: Indonesia through its Contemporary Art.
Chair: Ronit Ricci, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 


May 19, 16:30: Brendon Cannon (Khalifa University): The Political Economy of Japan’s Indo-Pacific Vision in Eastern Africa. Discussant: Nissim Otmazgin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


June 9, 16:30: S.C.M. Paine: The Geopolitics and History of Continental and Maritime Power: China, Russia, Britain, the United States and Japan 
Discussant: Danny Orbach, Hebrew University of Jerusalem