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Chinese Language Program

As part of the Chinese summer school in China, given by the Asian studies department, about forty students will participate in an intensive Chinese language course which will take place in Jilin university which lies in Jilin Province in Northeast China.

The course, which is organized by the Asian studies department of the Hebrew University, is designed to give the students of Chinese language an opportunity to quickly improve their speaking, hearing and reading capabilities. The participants will be divided into groups according to their level, while the studies will be done in small groups in order to provide greater attention to the needs of the students. In addition to the language lessons, the students will also participate in cultural activities.

Ms. Lin Qian, the senior Chinese language teacher in the department will provide academic support for the course.

The participants – eleven outstanding students who finished their second year at the department were given the scholarship (partial or complete) by the Polonsky Foundation who paid for the course tuition and traveling expenses. Other students who participated in the course paid for the course themselves. This year students from other universities in Israel besides the Hebrew University participated in the course.

The Chinese summer school in China is another important factor in contributing to the excellence of the Chinese language students in the Asian studies department of the Hebrew University. In recent years the department has set a goal for itself to bring the outstanding graduates of the department to a level which will enable them to pursue academic studies in China where classes are delivered in Chinese. This course presents a substantial leap forward in this regard, as can already be seen by the high achievements of the Hebrew University graduates in China and in other places around the world.