The Shagan Collection of Japanese Art


The Shagan Collection of Japanese Art was established in 2016 at the Department of Asian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, thanks to a donation by Mr. Ofer Shagan. The collection features more than one hundred fifty items from the 15-19 centuries, including ukiyo-e prints, scrolls, books, shunga, silk paintings, and masks. The collection includes the artwork known artists such as Hiroshige, Chikanobu, Kunichika and Kunisada, as well as work which have yet to be researched.

 The Department aspires to establish itself as an academic forum for researchers and students interested in Japanese art. 


These works of art are an added contribution to previous donations of dozens of Japanese art books , which Mr. Shagan had donated to the Department in memory of his late sister Ornit (Shagan) Talmon.



 Mr. Ofer Shagan is an art collector based in Tokyo. He is the owner of the world's biggest collection of Shunga. He is also the author of eleven books about Japanese and Asian art, including

Japan Erotic Art (Thames & Hudson, 2013)


information on the attached paintings:

Artist: Ochiai Yoshiiku

Title: 「今様擬源氏 五十一」/ Ch. 51, Ukifune: Satô Masakiyo, from the series Modern Parodies of Genji (Imayô nazorae Genji)

Year: 1864


Artist: Utagawa Kunisada

Title (middle panel): 「岩永宗蓮 嵐吉三郎」「人丸 尾上菊次郎」

 Year: 1842


Artist: Kojima Shougetsu

Title: Visit to the Ise Shrines by a Gathering of Military Officers and Commanding Generals; Prince Arisugawa Being Promoted to General (Shôshô narabi ni shichi shôshô saizoku sangû zu, Arisugawa no miya rikugun daishô... )

Year: 1877


Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige

Title: Two Sumo Wrestlers Confront Each Other

Year: 1840





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