Dr. Jooyeon Rhee

Jooyeon Rhee
Senior Lecturer, Head of Korean Studies Program

Dr. Jooyeon Rhee’s forthcoming monograph explores the relationship between gender and literature in colonial Korea. Her current main research examines crime fiction produced in colonial Korea. Her other research interests include gender and ethnic identity in Korean literature and visual culture, and literature of the Korean diaspora in Japan and the US. She has published journal articles and book chapters on Korean literature and film, Japanese literature and film, and Korean diaspora in Japan. Her most recent publications appear in The Journal of Korean Studies (2017)The Asia Pacific Journal (2016), Sungkyun journal of East Asian Studies (2015), Acta Koreana (2014), Pacific Journal Human Rights and the Arts: Perspectives on Global Asia (Lexington, 2014), and Human Rights and the Arts: An Anthology (Lexington, 2014).