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Why Study Here?

Why Asian studies?

  • Because Asia (especially east and south Asia) is the most densely populated region in the world, it is the birthplace of the some of the world’s most influential cultures, and it has an economical flexibility like non-other region in the world today.
  • Because it is a region that traditionally was the most economically and technologically advanced in the world, now returning to its former glory. Four of the region’s countries, (China, Japan, India and Korea) are amongst the financially leading countries in the world. The astounding development of the region creates a vast amount of personal and financial opportunities for those who understand the culture, speak one of the region’s languages, and are acquainted with the social, financial and political elements of this region.
  • Because it is a region rich with fascinating history and cultural variety. Familiarizing oneself with the philosophy, religion, art, literature and poetry of China, Japan, India and Korea expends the student’s horizons, reinterprets common beliefs and understandings, and enriches the students theoretically and culturally. It is an intellectual experience like non-other.
  • Because it is a dynamic region which goes through significant transformations at the present. The financial structure, the social and demographic structure, the family unit, gender and sexual perceptions and popular culture – all these are changing in front our very eyes at a tremendous pace, and opens in front of the students a wide array of new ideas.
  • Because it is a region which goes through a scientific and technological revolution, as well as an academic revolution. Wise policies devised by the east Asian countries has transformed their universities to scientific and intellectual centers, which signals a significant change in the balance scientific powers in the 21st century. It is imperative for anyone who wishes to understand the factors that might shape future generations to familiarize oneself with this transformation.      

Why the Hebrew University?

  • Because the Asian studies department in the Hebrew University is the longest established department in the field in Israel, yet it is a very flexible department, which develops rapidly and is regarded in high esteem by students and colleagues alike. The Asian studies department is one of the most popular departments in the humanities faculty in the Hebrew University.
  • Because we teach about the past and the present: both the languages of China, Japan, Korea and India; and the history, culture, politics, society, and economy of these countries.
  • Because our department has the most intensive MA and PhD curriculum of the Asian studies field in Israel, with well-planned core and language courses; and because we provide support for outstanding students in advanced studies.
  • Because the Hebrew University has many agreements with universities in China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia, and our outstanding students participate in extensive seminars in the best universities in those countries.
  • Because graduates of our department excel in the academic as well as the professional fields in Israel, Asia and in other countries around the world.
  • Because we provide our outstanding students a wide variety of options: Language courses in China; participation in archeological excavations in China and Mongolia; subsidized study tours in Asia; a wide array of books and data resources in Chinese, Japanese and much more.
  • Because we are a home and a unified community: aside from lectures, we provide a wide variety of cultural activities, and even organize unique projects in which we expose high school students to Asian Culture.
  • Because each year we host dozens of researchers and students from all around the world, and especially from the Asian countries.
  • Because studying in our department is not easy, but it is a lot of fun and it opens a wide array of options for excellent students.