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Office Hours:
Sunday, 11:00-14:00
Monday-Thursday, 10:00-13:00

Room: 4501

Secretary: Mrs. Kinneret Levy


Graduate Studies

The goal of the department is to introduce our students with advanced knowledge about the culture, history, language, society, politics and various other aspects about the East and South Asian countries: China, Japan, Korea and India. As part of their MA studies, the students will specialize in the same geographical region (China, Japan, India) they chose for their BA studies. Students who received their BA from another department will be required to complete the mandatory classes for BA studies, including language courses. As part of their MA studies, the students will participate in seminars, guided reading classes, and other courses from within and outside the department under approval from the MA adviser.

In the China and Japan sections, several integrative seminars will be given each year, dealing with major issues such as Chinese and Japanese history, politics and society. Students of the department in the research program will be required to present at least one seminar paper as part of the integrative seminars.

Upon approval, students will be allowed to participate in classes outside the department and in tutorial meetings for credit.